• A consulting agency that engineers marketing results

    1. Analyze & Derive Tactics

    2. Carry Out Smart Planning

    3. Fulfill 95% Of All Objectives

    AGILE PROJECTS LLC. is a boutique consulting agency founded in 2015 by NYC-based analyst Alex Schwartz to act as Chief Marketing, Product, Growth Officer in collaboration with tech start-ups, and as manager and specialist in carrying out initiatives.

  • Client Testimonials

    "Alex is an excellent problem solver and the unique project manager that doesn't shy away from huge challenges. He has immense focus, high-standards, and wants the best for his clients. Alex also has a great amount of empathy and concern for others. He has little tolerance for waste, especially when it comes to managing a project's budget. Alex's first instinct is to avoid simply throwing money at the problem, and like a true Growth Hacker finds efficient pathways that other people do not see. I've worked with Alex on projects where he has led impressive turn around efforts increasing monthly revenue by 400%+ and conversion rates by 250% over 6 months."


    Ryan Adamiak

    CEO/Founder, Up & Coming Media

    "Alex always went beyond the call of duty in bringing insights and innovation in which the business could adapt and succeed."


    Daniel Lyons

    Chairman, Lyons Presentations Group

    "We wanted to improve customer acquisition and Alex's work resulted in over 20% month-over-month growth for 6 months."


    Alex Song

    CEO/Founder, Innovation Department

  • Mission and core beliefs


    'Agile' / agility will

    forge sustainable

    business operations & growth

    when used not to incite pivot

    but to afford it.

    Let's fortify our agility with regimen—

    not by just running around like spastic,

    "agile" chickens with our heads cut off.

    With stability + inertia, we'll

    foster creativity, meet marks,

    and achieve escape velocity.



    To help your business grow while affording inevitable needs for agility within smart budgets.





    With backward induction analysis and decision-making, situational strategies, creative surplus, integrity, and by building assets and resources into the business.





    We cater to your budget as both your strategic ally and management engine—meaning we carry out the work needed to meet the objectives we form together.





    1) Growth Marketing Management

    Establish key growth metrics & results


    2) Conversion Rate Optimization

    Steer key performance indicators





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