• Smart & reputable management consulting with tangible results

    1. Dive into key objectives

    2. Derive key initiatives

    3. Drive optimization

  • Client Testimonials

    "On Day 1, Alex asserted an easy fix that improved user retention by 300%. Thereafter, projections were always met, or eclipsed!"


    Lars Rasmussen


    Weav Music & Google Maps

    "The strategies Alex implemented were exactly what we needed, and precisely aligned with the leading industry precedents."


    Nate Cooper

    Co-Founder, CEO

    Reboot Labs

    "We wanted to improve customer acquisition and Alex's work resulted in over 20% month-over-month growth for 6 months."


    Alex Song


    Innovation Department

  • A sustainable use

    of 'agile' supports

    business operations & growth

    when used not to incite pivot

    but to afford it.

    Let's build up our agility using regimen,

    not by just running around like spastic,

    "agile" chickens with our heads cut off.

    w/stability + inertia, we can

    foster creativity & soar high.



    Competitive analysis; Conversion rate optimization for critical business performance metrics





    With backward induction analysis and decision-making, situational strategies, creative surplus, and integrity, and by building assets and resources into the business





    To grow & afford inevitable needs for agility





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