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    Approach Goals with Logic & Principle

    Make big leaps in optimizing critical business performance metrics by first taking smart steps; i.e. think numbers first, so as to foster creative triumph while using these guiding principles:

    • Backward Induction:
      A principle for methodical decision-making.
    • Authenticity:
      A principle to guide creative works & initiatives.

    Define Objectives

    Define objectives at broad levels, first, with timelines and quantified goals. Examples of common such objectives include:

    • 300% Revenue Growth achieved in 3 months
    • 300% Usership Growth achieved in 3 months
    • $10m Funding Acquired achieved in 6 months
    • Build assets & resources into the business in a 3 month period

    Identify & Select Smart Initiatives

    Break down all factors, and identify opportunities for transformative gains among all variables impacting the bottom line.

    • Complete analysis
    • Identification and optimization of hidden crux points
    • Project implementation
    • Ongoing optimization

    Execute Successful Initiatives

    Organize projects with up to 3 big ongoing initiatives — wherein hypothetically supported by the work of 9 avenues, 27 segments, and 243 ideas — with measured criteria for success, shipped on schedule. Examples include:

    • Increasing conversion rates by 300% or more
    • Sustainable Google / FB / IG advertising
    • Creative and consistent customer engagement initiatives
    • Acquire Key Partnerships
    • Achieve word of mouth virality
    • Special projects
    • Team management or support

    Measure Outcomes

    Set new KPI precedents, leading to ideal outcomes; for example:

    • 75% reduced cost per acquisition
    • Steady 20% month-over-month growth
    • 300% revenue growth, sustained
    • $1m - $30m funding acquired






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